Professional Web Design

Hi! I’m an experienced designer building custom web solutions.

I offer a best practices approach with upfront pricing on creative solutions.I have a decade of experience and am happy to share my references. Ask my clients, I deliver!

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It's About Trust.

It’s also about responsive layouts, search optimization, load speeds, analytics…

You have choices when it comes to picking a web designer. I like to listen to my clients and offer elegant solutions that get results and save money.

I prefer phone calls over emails. I am upfront about costs and technical realities, and I don’t outsource a single pixel of my work.

I’ve been building websites for over 10 years and I’d love to help you enhance your online presence.

How It Works

We engage in an initial consultation to discover your needs. We discuss your budget and a list of priorities. From this emerges a clear understanding of what your dream is, what it would take to get there, and when we can start. You are under no obligation. This phase ends with a quote from MrKuba for the solutions we discuss.

Upon your approval of the quote and a decision to get started, I prepare an invoice for 50% of the initial project. We work together to determine your desired timeline and develop a roadmap to launch your website. I prepare a list of the things I will need to help you succeed, and we set the pace for the scope of our work together.

A website is essentially a collection of content prepared aesthetically to drive user experience. Content consists of written words, images, video, and audio. The better the content, the more fulfilling the user experience.

We will collaborate to collect and determine the content needs of your website and get it together. Initial hosting setup, domain configuration, and a development sandbox will be deployed during this step.

After the adequate content is collected to proceed, I start the development process and get all of pieces bound together with a mixture of code, layout, and elbow grease.

We get together and look at the work done so far. At this point, you will have a working prototype of your website with content and a layout to discuss. It is often said that seeing is believing, and this is often where additional ideas and features are discussed, as well as revisions to the initial design. Your project is 70% complete at this point.

With the initial feedback from the presentation, I go back to work and complete the final content and any design changes discussed during our second meeting. Final styling is applied and we give your site a final walkthrough to make sure you are satisfied with the final product.

We are ready to go live! Before I hand off a site to it’s new owner I want to make sure you have all the documentation and credentials you need. Any user training happens at this phase and is followed by a final check and migration from the development (building and testing) site to a production role (the site is live at your desired domain and ready for outside traffic).

What You Get

Professionals in my industry are often challenged to translate complex technical ideas into English. If you’ve ever encountered an “internet pro” who was unable or unwilling to clearly communicate with you, cooperate with members of your team, or just disappeared after the check cleared, I promise you we will have a very different experience working together.

Web design is a rapidly evolving field. Design standards, technology, and the user base have changed dramatically in the last several years, and it is my aim to stay at the fore-front of what’s current best practice in my field. Your site will be built using a future-resistant combination of evolving open-source platform & responsive styling to ensure your site stays current & secure for years to come.

Relevant Technical Jargon:

  • WordPress Platform or Handcoding as needed using HTML5, JS, CSS3
  • Can work with existing CMS infrastructure to update content or styling
  • Integrated Analytics (GA) Setup Included
  • Shared or Dedicated Hosting Available (You can host your own site)

I understand and appreciate that your brand has a unique identity that should be preserved and carry through in your web presence. Your site will be tailored to your clientele and designed for an intuitive and rich user experience. Your visitors will not need special plugins or a 30-inch monitor to experience your site.

You deserve a better website. So when we work together I want to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded (if possible) during the process. I stand by my work.

I offer personal support for legacy clients and offer a low-cost maintenance package that covers monthly site updates and minor changes. If you require additional features or work done to the site you will know who to call.

Get Answers: (801) 850-3437