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I’m Jakub  Kierszka, an experienced Program Manager and IT Project Leader.

For over a decade, I’ve been driving diverse projects to success, collaborating to deliver value while building durable teams with an effective combination of empathy, creativity, and discipline. If your organization is seeking high-performing talent let’s start a conversation.

Real Experience

• 10 Years IT Project Management & Execution building cross-functional Scrum teams.
• 5+ Years Managing direct reports and improving development practices.
• Contributing, Leading & Training in lean startup and mature enterprise environments.
• Agile CSM, PSPO Certifications, experience in SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, PMI Waterfall.
• Tech Stack: AWS, Azure, Microsoft .NET, Xamarin, iOS/Android Native, Laravel, ReactJS.
• ALM Stack: Atlassian JIRA & Confluence, ServiceDesk, TFS/DevOps, Office/Google Suite.

Personal Traits

• Value-driven decision maker with proven written and verbal communication skills.
• Self-disciplined & organized with a passion for complex problem-solving (Cynefin).
• Artist, Meditator, Traveler, Meyers Briggs: ENTP.

Some Relevant Stats

High Performing Teams
Creative individuals thrive in safe, collaborative environments. Work product improves with morale. Grateful to my teams.
Projects Completed
From Digital Advertisting to Connected Aerospace. From startup to mature enterprise scale. Mobile, Web, and Integrated App SDLC experience.
Events Facilitated
Events form the basis for productive encounters and communities that deliver quality.
Revenue Managed
Mature Product Ownership lies beyond backlog management. Working directly with internal and external stakeholders and driving revenue growth.
Years Experience
I can set a clock on a VCR while eating avocado toast. Grateful to have matured at an exciting time in information technology.
Continents Worked
Experience with co-located, near-shore and off-shore teams. In a global marketplace, collaboration and communication is key.
Agile Transformations
Agile is an adjective. I've had the privilege to lead and participate in multiple approaches to scaling agile organizations.
Mission: Success
Success is ensured by optimizing process, managing deliverables, and mitigating risk to drive desirable outcomes.

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